Tuesday, 28 February 2012

AIPS on Ubuntu 11.10

Contrary to what was said in the bananas mailing list - AIPS does work fine on newer versions of Ubuntu. There are a few hacks I needed to get it working on my new laptop though.

You need the dev files for the bds library - libbsd-dev and libedit-dev seemed to work for this.

The first thing was getting XAS - the tv server - to compile okay. There are a few options that seem to give my compiler trouble (I use gcc and gfortran). These are the -ip and -axWPT (or something like that) options. I needed to remove these from the options list when specifying the compilers to use.

But XAS is build from Y/SERVERS and has it's own build file with more options in it. Search for XAS.SHR and look for local options (or search for the link options that cause trouble). I had to remove the -axWPT option.

XAS should then build successfully, and the rest of the installation should work okay.


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