Tuesday 29 July 2014

Installing AIPS on Ubuntu 14.04

The instructions for installing AIPS on Ubuntu 13.04 (http://astronomicalproblems.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/installing-aips-on-ubuntu-1304.html) work well for 14.04 too. Warning! see the full edit below.


Some intel processors were giving a little trouble even when following the method linked above. The single offending file was AU7B.FOR, located in 31DEC14/AIPS/SUB (or the equivalent) and the issue was the MONTH parameter declared at the top of the file.

By deleting the MONTH declaration in the FORTAN code and the initialization of MONTH  to JAN, FEB etc. a little further down and replacing it with

character (len=3), dimension(12) :: MONTH
MONTH(1) = 'JAN'
MONTH(2) = 'FEB'
MONTH(3) = 'MAR'
MONTH(4) = 'APR'
MONTH(5) = 'MAY'
MONTH(6) = 'JUN'
MONTH(7) = 'JUL'
MONTH(8) = 'AUG'
MONTH(9) = 'SEP'
MONTH(10) = 'OCT'
MONTH(11) = 'NOV'
MONTH(12) = 'DEC'

you can get AIPS to compile with gfortan as usual. I think the problem relates to old fashioned fortran code, modern gfortran and intel processors (I don't seem to have the same trouble with AMD processors, though they are of different vintages).

The resulting aips installation does compile - but there is a serious problem with IMAGR, and likely other tasks too. The best bet is to download an older version of gfortran compatible with AIPS and use that to compile for a fully functional AIPS installation.

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