Sunday, 24 May 2020

AWS Keyspaces - Managed Cassandra review

AWS recently went live with Keyspaces, their managed version of Cassandra ( This service is primarily aimed at users who have been managing their own Cassandra clusters and are looking to move to a managed solution. Billing is available on an ad-hoc or reserved capacity basis and it's simple to connect using existing Cassandra applications or drivers. However, there are a few issues that I've noticed that make Keyspaces currently a poor replacement for your Cassandra cluster:

  • TTL (automatic time-based record expiry) is currently not supported by AWS keyspaces. This alone makes it difficult to port standard Cassandra data models over.
  • No cross-region support (yet)
  • 1 mb row size limit (similar to DyanmoDb's 400kb item limit). This may be related to the fact that Keyspaces is more closely related to DynamoDb than true Cassandra (as noted by Scilla at
In short, AWS Keyspaces seems to be more of a beta than a real GA release. Once they add support for TTL it looks like a promising service, however it will have to compete with Datastax's own managed Cassandra offering, Datastax Astra ( This was launched only about 3 weeks after Keyspaces (and maybe explaining Keyspaces short preview stage and rush to release while still missing support for fundamental pieces of Cassandra).


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AWS Keyspaces - Managed Cassandra review

AWS recently went live with Keyspaces, their managed version of Cassandra ( ). This service is primarily a...